Your First Million: 4 Hurdles stopping you from reaching it!

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At the age of 23, I’ve been lucky enough to start off my fair share of start-ups since the age of 15.


In this video, I go into the 4 major hurdles which are stopping you from reaching your first million!


1) Launch and Iterate! It never ceases to amaze me the number of start-ups that try to build the perfect product or service without testing to see if their market exists!


2) Plan Thoroughly — know what the goal of your business is — what is it that you want to achieve!?


3) Delegate Effectively. Start valuing your time and delegate functions which really do not need your attention. This will free you up to focus on tasks which require the creative/visionary input that only you can provide in your business, allowing you to make better use of your 24 hours in the day!


4) Build Scalability and Leverage into your business. Design your business so that it has the capacity to grow! If you are just trading time for money – you will soon hit a glass ceiling. You do not want to be doing that :-).


Good Luck!


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