Why entrepreneurs MUST be on snapchat!

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Guys, i’m going all in on Snapchat and you should too!

As a businessman/entrepreneur/marketer I’m heavily focused on where people’s eyes and ears are! Currently Snapchat is going through that phase. The fact that the messages and photos you send disappear within a certain time frame mean that people concentrate on watching them – at the fear that they may miss something.
Some may argue that snapchat is a bit of an artificial way of communicating. I completely disagree! Snapchat is probably one of the closest/purest forms of communication we have. When we meet somebody on the street and say something, it’s not recorded – once its said its gone…Snapchat replicates this and is one of the reasons it holds peoples attention.

In short, if you’re not on snapchat I suggest you give it a shot! You’ll be surprised by the level of depth you can achieve with your followers…

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