Dealing with self-doubt!

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Self doubt! It can be the single reason why many of us do not go on and achieve our potential – whether as an entrepreneur or any other profession.


In this video I share my top 3 tips for how you can best over come this crippling fear.


1) Write down your doubts. Yep, as simple as that. Write them down and you will realise that the majority of them are irrational.


2) Identify Underlying Messages. Every so often you will encounter a doubt that is indicating an underlying message to you. Take heed from this feeling and try to narrow down on what it is trying to tell you. Perhaps you doubt whether your product will sell because you are in-fact targeting the wrong demographic or have the wrong price point. Pay attention to these doubts and then pivot your product accordingly.


3) Keep moving forward! Ultimately, doubts are like rain – sometimes it showers and other times it pours! Regardless, the key is to keep moving forward. Keep making progress and ignore the majority of naysayers. You are the entrepreneur. You have the vision – so make it reality.


Good luck!

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