4 Steps to a Millennial Friendly Office!

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With the millennial population rapidly growing, it is more important than ever that we try to understand how we can ensure our business and office environments cater for them. I share my top 4 tips for how to make your work place millennial friendly:


1. Deep, meaningful relationships! Its important to really go above and beyond for your team members. Build a relationship with them and show a genuine interest in helping them to achieve their potential and ambitions. Only then can you expect them to give you their all.


2. Invest in latest tools and resources. Millennials move fast! It is unreasonable to expect (any team member for that matter) to do a good job using outdated tools and resources. Empower them by providing them what they need. If you’re not sure what these items are – ask them!


3. Competitive Salary. With the proliferation of the internet over the past 2 decades, youngsters these days looking to enter a new role have access to a host of information as to what they should expect from role by way of remuneration. So be upfront and provide a competitive market salary. Of course, you must understand that the monetary aspect is not the most important part. Millennials more than ever want to be part of a movement, a vision, something bigger than themselves. Help them to see this in your business vision and they will become immensely engaged.


4. Respect and appreciate them equally! This is a biggie! Treat your younger team members exactly how you would treat some of your senior team members. Respect and try to understand their point of view. Chances are, the next big breakthrough idea for your business may be stuck in the mind of a young millennial in your team. It’s your job to help them express it and run with it thereafter.


Good luck!

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